Hydrate & Soften

Hydrate & Soften

Manhattan Grey creates vegan moisture products formulated specifically for grey hair. See ingredients for our unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and natural oils that can be used on their own or found in every jar.


Scalp Serum

Scalp Serum

Add a few drops of our serum to your daily hair and beard care routine to promote hair growth by hydrating the scalp, lubricating the hair follicles, and preventing a loss of moisture.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Feedback & Reviews

Before using the Manhattan Grey Vegan Hydration Oil, my beard was brittle and unmanageable. I tried several other products that left my beard overly.

With the Manhattan Grey products my beard is soft, manageable and grows very well. My beard is no longer dry and brittle. What I also like is the fragrance of my beard as well.

I have very sensitive skin, so I don't try new products very often. But, because my hair was so dry and dull, I decided to give Manhattan Grey a try and I'm glad I did.

I'm really pleased with the product. I haven't developed any skin problems at all, and my hair looks much better. I plan to place another order when get low on what I have because this is a good product for me.

My hair is natural so I was looking for a product that I could use daily to retain softness and moisture without making my hair heavy. And this pomade was spot on. I actually used it as soon as it arrived.

My hair was silk pressed at the time which for me tends to become ‘Straw’ like after a week or so and does not respond well to most hair pomades as my hair will become greasy and heavy. However when I used the Manhattan Grey it softened my tresses up immediately.

Yuel Neal
Linda Stanley
LaShawn Black-Ferguson