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Best thing I could have gotten my mom!

My mom has been complaining about her graying hair for years. It was dry, brittle, dull, and nothing she tried would work. She also has sensitive skin is weary to branch out to new products. I saw this vegan pomade on Amazon and decided to give it to her to try out. Let me just say, my mother has never used my Amazon account as much she does now! She orders a replacement right when she gets halfway done. Her hair is now much softer and has a nice moisturized shine to it. I can see how she wears her hair with way more confidence and pride. Love to see it! So if you are on the fence (here reading through reviews) buy this! You won't regret and your hair and scalp will thank you for it!


I recently bought this product as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. He loves the product and uses it apart of his daily routine. He has a growing beard and this pomade feels so nice! I ordered myself one to help my hair consistency as well. I love it and the fact that this product is black owned makes me want to buy more! the packaging is beautiful and I truly enjoy this product.

Outstanding !!!!

Manhattan Grey Is an Awesome product. I have used several different products on my beard and Non have given me the results Like Manhattan Grey.
My Beard is Soft manageable, Not to oily and has a delightful fragrance.

Thank you for such a wonderful product

This product is the truth!!

This product delivers in every area it claims to be effective. The hydration and moisturizing element was almost immediate! My beard has a healthy non-greasy shine. And it smells oh so good. I find myself running my fingers through my beard constantly... I love this product and I believe anyone who uses it will walk away with the exact same feeling!! Thank you Manhattan Grey.