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Love my shirt!

The quality is as expected. I have not tried it on yet but feel the fit will be fine.


I purchased the oil because where my grey grows my scalp itches. This oil has removed all itching and I am able to enjoy my grey to the fullest!! The grey does no longer feels coarse compared to my other strands, all are soft!

Stops my itching

I would never allow my grey hair to show because it seemed to cause my scalp to itch where the grey was. I would consistently dye it. Until I tried this serum/oil. It stops the itch and I have stopped dying my hair! Thank you Manhattan Grey!!

Birthday Gift

I purchased a t-shirt and hair oils as a gift for my cousin. He has grey hair and asked how do I keep my hair shiny and soft. Manhattan Grey!
I'm a satisfied customer.

Perfect for me

I used them today. I was having a problem with my hair and scalp looking and feeling dry. I keep my hair very short, nearly bald. This is all I need. I am able to keep my scalp and hair hydrated without a lot of fuss and I love it.

Women Sizes Preferred

I purchased an XL and it’s very long. I am top heavy and require more fabric on top than bottom.

Enjoying Manhattan Grey Pomade

I really like Manhattan Grey Pomade so far. I love the smell, the texture, and how it smooths my "have a mind of their own" greys. I also have the hair oils/serums and truly believe this product line is well worth the small investment.

Grey Hair Vegan Moisture Pomade 4oz. | Petroleum Free | Shea Butter & Rosemary

I love Manhattan Grey

My grey here was very dry and hard to control, and as a result there was a lot of breakage. I used many other products, but I noticed a difference immediately after the first few days of using Manhattan Grey. I'm planning to order more in the near future.

Manhattan Grey All Day

Excellent products

Nice light weight Pomade

All pomades are not made equal. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this pomade was not your typical pomade…it’s not sticky, it doesn’t stiffen or weigh your hair down and it doesn’t have a harsh smell. It’s truly light weight and does not interfere with my styling gel or styling foam. It’s great to be able to moisturize my scalp and hair and not worry about white or yellow flaky residue when being combined with my other styling products. It also doesn’t tint my grey hair, which is a Win!! Great buy.

Light and Refreshing

This oil has a light and refreshing scent that isn’t overwhelming. I love that it provides a nice shine to my grey hair without an oily or sticky buildup. The color of the oil is very light, basically clear which is great because it doesn’t turn my grey hair yellow.

Soft Hair

My hair feels so soft and it has a shine.

This Shirt is GREYT-NESS

Would be nice if this came in long sleeves for winter wear.

Love them!

Thanks so much! Love the shirts!!!!

I ordered the products May 10 or 11 to take on vacation May 24 & they arrived May 31. So I haven’t been able to use them. Had I known it would take 2 weeks I would’ve had them sent to the address I’m staying now.


Love the shirt. It's soft and comfortable. I'm short so the shirt comes down to my knees. Women sizes would be great.

It's working

I bought it for my husband. He seems to like it. He hasn't touched any of his old beard balm, since he started using this one.

Hair & Scalp has New Life!

I can feel the difference with my hair; it’s softer and I see little to no dandruff. Both are great products!!


Good quality shirt and the message is everything

Short Sleeve T-Shirt | Choose Greytness | 4.2oz

I Choose Greytness Shirt

I Love my shirt. It fits just right. I will be getting another soon. Thank you 🤗❤️🤗❤️

Great Quality

Overall love the T-Shirt. Wish they came in the women cut.