Our Story

Manhattan Grey was created out of insecurity but born in complete confidence.

When I initially started seeing grey hairs pop up at 25, I did everything in my power to conceal the inevitable; a head full of salt and pepper and eventually going completely grey. Hats and hoodies became a part of my repertoire. I tried dying my hair once and wore it with so little confidence that I did not feel like myself. I knew instantly that dark dyes reminiscent of the early 2000s were not my thing. No matter how much I tried to hide it, having grey hair at such a young age felt like a death sentence for my youth. 

I spoke with the men in my family who explained how they had also gone grey early. These talks made me realize just how common premature greying was and how it signified a milestone of who I was becoming. I gave in and stopped looking for ways to conceal or get rid of it and instead started exploring how to welcome my grey hair with an open mind.  

I decided to embrace the change and began to grow comfortable with my transition to a more mature look. I welcomed my grey hair as one would any significant change in appearance. Whether it's growing locs, doing a big chop, growing a beard, or going natural, I knew that a new look required a new level of care outside of my usual shampoo and conditioner combo.

One night, shortly after moving from Atlanta to New York City, my need for a new hair care routine met with my entrepreneurial spirit. I was searching for products online to little avail and began googling ingredients that I knew were vital in keeping my hair moisturized. I soon realized that the breadth of Hair Care products for Grey are designed to conceal or slow its growth. The visionary in me decided that this was the perfect moment to bring real change in the grey hair care market. I continued down a path of what worked best for grey hair, and under the Manhattan skyline, a game changer  was born.

With what I researched on my own in tow, I met with herbalists and hair care distributors to create a moisture-rich product. After testing oils and greases that didn’t quite work, I was presented with a quick and easy cream that I knew based on the texture alone was perfect for grey hair.  Through several tweaks, I eventually landed on just the right mixture of organic, vegan-friendly oils, combined with Vitamin E. Once the prototype was complete, I started using Manhattan Grey regularly and almost instantly saw a noticeable change in the way my hair retained moisture.

In 2019, I decided to move the conversation forward with some of my peers who were going through the same change. I started a page on Instagram called Black Grey Hair. After a surprising response, came a Facebook Group by the same name. The conversations, anecdotes, style inspiration, and hair care tips from my tribe brought on a feeling of community and the start of a new chapter for me.  My grey hair journey and creating Manhattan Grey led me to exactly where I needed to be, the next version of myself. Through that, I was also able to help others stand in their truth and find their fly.