eBook Embrace Your Grey: What I've Learned About Maintaining Healthy Grey Hair


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This guide was designed to help you transition to and maintain the next natural step in the life story of your hair. Much like growing a beard, a “big chop” or growing locs, your grey signifies the time in your life where you’ve chosen to embrace change. Properly caring for and maintaining its fly signifies that you are encouraging all that your silver lining embodies; truth, wisdom, beauty, and understanding.

I hope that you can rock your natural grey hair as an accomplishment and as an accolade that comes with knowing who you are and how you wish to show up in this world.

The power that comes from understanding that you’ve decided to stand in the beauty of your silver lining is a nod to the wiser, more confident you. Your grey coils are a sign that you have chosen to be who you are gracefully and authentically, wholly, and wonderfully made.


Where It All Started 
4 Ways To Maintain Your Silver Lining 
Why Is My Hair Turning Grey?! 
Does It Run In The Family?
Location, Location, Location 
Vitamins And Deficiency 
Stress And Old Age 
What Is Premature Grey? 
Naturally, Treat Your Grey Hair
Vitamin E 
Argan Oil 
Jojoba Oil 
Coconut Oil 
Avocado Oil 
Castor Oil 
What Not To Use On Your Grey Hair 
Alcohol Based Products 
Sodium Sulfates 
A Note From The Founder Of Manhattan Grey... 

Customer Reviews

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Jessie Baker-Calder
Exploring Seniorism From the TOP

I found it interesting, for adding more details to my previous research.

Audrey Johnson
I came across petroleum jelly’s s an Ingredient

What is the Difference Between Petrolatum and Petroleum Jelly? There is no difference in chemical composition and physical properties between petrolatum and petroleum jelly because both names refer to the same compound. The only difference is that petrolatum is the North American name for petroleum jelly

Great Resource for Grey Hair

This e-book is full of great info for maintaining beautiful, healthy grey hair!!!

Renee Nixon
Well done!

I was expecting a bigger book, like the one that was shown, but the information that I got out of the download book was wonderful. The information was an eye opener for me and my sister. Well done!