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Vegan Hydration Oil
Vegan Hydration Oil
Vegan Hydration Oil
Vegan Hydration Oil
Vegan Hydration Oil
Vegan Hydration Oil

Is Your Grey Itching & Dull? 

Our hydration oil will add an unbelievable finishing sheen to your grey hair. 

Manhattan Grey Hydration Oil is a vegan product created specifically for finer grey hair. Our lightweight formula is designed to hydrate and moisturize finer hair textures. This product promotes hair growth and gives your grey a healthy shine.

It's made with all-natural, vegan, ingredients that are safe to use on your skin. 

Key Ingredients

Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil, Almond Oil, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Tocopherol. 

*Tocopherol is a form of vitamin E that serves as a powerful antioxidant. It’s used as an ingredient in skin care products to promote healthy aging.

No Added Phthalates, Silicone, Parabens, Gluten.

How to Use

For best results, apply after washing the face. Use a small portion, enough to lightly cover hair and gently massage into the skin.

Key Benefits

- Light and refreshing scent that isn’t overwhelming. 

- Provides a nice shine to grey hair without an oily or sticky buildup. 

- Color of the oil is very light, basically clear and does not turn grey hair yellow.

Customer Reviews

Based on 206 reviews
L. Rahmaan
White Beard

This is an awesome product. I apply it in the morning and I am set for the day. My beard feels soft and hydrated the entire day. I usually pick my beard out again midday and it looks fuller while still maintaining its shine, but without being greasy. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Never received product

Ontario Rogers

Vegan Moisture Essentials Kit




I love the scent and the way it makes my scalp and hair feel. I love the way it keeps the flyaways in check and the shine

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