The 6 Best Essential Oils for Grey Hair

The 6 Best Essential Oils for Grey Hair

By Manhattan Grey

Every time you walk down the hair care aisle, or scroll Instagram you find yourself persuaded to try yet another product promising healthier, shinier, fresher, cleaner, or an overall more fly head of hair. But aside from the label telling you that it’s the best to care for your grey hair you’re still left questioning…

“Does it work though?”


“What’s in it?”

Well, check this out…

In just one year, thousands have chosen greytness with Manhattan Grey, a unique blend designed to moisturize grey hair with no fillers, additives, unknown fragrances, or hard to pronounce ingredients. Just a precise blend of plant-based ingredients for grey hair, carefully chosen to get you right. Manhattan Grey is a lightweight, simple mixture of the six of the best oils for grey hair. 

So what’s in it?: 

Apricot Oil (for easier to maintain hair) 

Apricot oil is what’s helping you maintain your style. Rich in Omega-9 and Omega-3 fatty acids Apricot Oil makes grey hair softer and more manageable. Whether you need to keep your waves on swim or pull your hair into a sleek ponytail, it’s the apricot oil that will help keep it together. Additionally, Apricot Oil is packed with Vitamin E which keeps your scalp healthy resulting in hair retention and growth. 

Avocado Oil (for moisture and repair)

Avocado is praised by many for its internal benefits when eaten (toast anyone?). However, over the past few years, its become a go-to for Black Haircare because of its Vitamin A, B-5, and E as well as its richness in biotin. You know, the biotin that’s in those hair, skin, and nail vitamins? Like that but in an oil that is 10 times more effective. Avocado oil is known for repairing split ends, keeping hair moisturized, and strengthening strands individually to prevent breakage. 

Lavender Oil (for a cleaner scalp)

Lavender Oil is the OG essential oil. But when it comes to Black haircare it's way more than just its calming aromatherapy vibes. Lavender oil has antimicrobial properties that help kill fungus and bacteria in the scalp which prevents and eliminates dandruff. Did we mention that it smells BOMB.  

Peppermint Oil (to stimulate hair growth)

Peppermint Oil by itself just feels right. Its fresh and cool scent alone makes it appealing. But behind its chill surface, peppermint oil is a game-changer when used with a carrier oil like Jojoba or Sunflower oil. The menthol in Peppermint oil increases blood flow of the scalp preventing hair loss and aiding in hair growth, and promoting a healthy scalp. 

Sunflower Oil (to fight humidity and prevent dandruff)

Typically Sunflower Oil is used for cooking but recent studies and experimenting amongst the natural haircare community have tapped into the benefits of using Sunflower oil as a carrier oil to prevent dandruff and to help fight humidity. Rich in Vitamin-E and Oleic Acid, Sunflower oil is lightweight enough to blend with oils like Lavender and Peppermint but also hydrating enough to hold in moisture and prevent frizz.

Jojoba Oil (to protect from sun and heat damage) 

Jojoba oil is top 2 and not 2 in Black Haircare because of its overall effect on thick, curly hair. Jojoba oil is known to work its magic from the inside out. Aiding in restoring the natural PH balance of hair, Jojoba moisturizes on its own meaning it will not cause your hair to produce more or less of its natural oils which can often leave hair over moisturized, greasy, and heavy. Jojoba oil gets in where it fits in and helps to maintain the exact amount of moisture your hair needs. Additionally, because it sits on the outer cuticles and seals in moisture, Jojoba oil protects the hair from sun and heat damage. 

When combined these 6 essential oils give us Manhattan Grey and are helping the Grey Hair community live our  best and healthiest hair life. From helping to maintain your style to preventing hair loss and dandruff, our cream or serum is all that’s needed to take your hair from grey to GREYT.