How To Embrace Your Grey & Walk In Confidence

How To Embrace Your Grey & Walk In Confidence

By Manhattan Grey

The truth about going grey?!
Let’s talk about it!

We sat down with podcast creator, @oshunsweetnsour to explore the many narratives, challenges and beauty that circle around black grey hair.

Our “Choose Greytness” mantra has expanded to an interview series that offers a new perspective to our community with insightful conversations about what it means to embrace grey hair in confidence as a sign of uniqueness and personality.

Whether you have decided to ditch the dye, are looking for new products or battling with insecurity, Choose Greytness explores an array of topics to help you find your stride.

From learning how to maintain healthy grey to getting tangible advice from black creatives, brand builders, and industry experts, join us for a series of truth and experience.

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