Beard Care 101 - Maintaining a Greyt Beard

Beard Care 101 - Maintaining a Greyt Beard

By Manhattan Grey

Beards are seen as a sign of maturity and discipline and the impact is even more sophisticated when they’re grey. This year we tapped in, talked to a few influencers and members of our grey hair community to get some tips on what keeping your salt and pepper or grey beard is all about. 

Here are the 4 steps for maintaining a routine to help preserve the greytness of  your beard. 

Wash and Condition - The first step in your beard routine is a non-negotiable. You must regularly wash and condition it. A pro-tip for washing grey beards is to use a blue based or at the very least a mild, sulfate-free shampoo. Basic shampoos are often too harsh for not only your skin but also the delicate nature of grey hair. You should also be combing through your beard hair while applying conditioner. This helps to make sure dirt and impurities are fully removed and also helps to keep the curl or wave pattern. 

Moisturize - Although conditioning helps to keep your beard from becoming brittle, it is still important to moisturize regularly. To start, you need to find the right product for your hair texture. Depending on how fine or coarse your beard hair is you will need to choose between a pomade, serum, or an oil. Manhattan Grey has two pomades, a serum as well as a hydration oil that are  made from all natural ingredients to help keep your beard soft and moisturized without irritating your skin. 

Combing - Keeping your beard combed helps to maintain its fullness by detangling hairs that get tucked or tangled inside of other hairs. This also helps to prevent bumps and ingrown hairs. Additionally, combing activates growth. Ensuring that all of your beard hairs are not tangled and lay in the right direction stimulates the root allowing it to grow evenly and helps to maintain its form. This is often referred to as “training” your beard


Trim - Your beard will grow if you follow steps 1-3 so it’s imperative that you continue to trim in the process. Overtime, no matter how much you comb, growth will cause your hair to take on a shape that may not be the look you are aiming for. Keeping a regular trim allows you more room to style your beard to your liking. Trimming your beard also alleviates split ends which over time can lead to breakage and possible hair loss. 

No matter the length, maintaining your beard is a breeze once you have the routine and the right products. 

Manhattan Grey is here to help you with both! What are some other ways you help to keep your beard in check? 

Tap in to the comments and let us know!