5 Steps to Maintaining Your Greytness

5 Steps to Maintaining Your Greytness

By Manhattan Grey

Anything great requires great responsibility and maintaining your hair is no different, especially if you’re rocking Grey. One of the most googled searches and talked about topics for Black grey hair is how to maintain, and keep your hair moisturized, and healthy. 

Because grey hair comes directly from a change in melanin it is by default less porous, more fragile, and harder to maintain. But as always, that ain't no problem! We got you. With a little research and commentary from our Black Grey Hair community we’ve come up with 5 tips to having your best head of hair yet.

1 - Treat your hair every step of the way

The products you use matter, starting with your shampoo. Opt for a sulfate-free, blue based shampoo to keep your greys shining and strong. It’s also good to remember that not all conditioners are created equally. To determine which conditioner is best for you try a porosity test. A porosity test will not only lead you in the direction of the correct conditioner to but also to styling products like pomades, serums, and oils. 

2 - Easy on the heat!

Keeping a healthy head of hair requires work, care, and mindfulness. Your hair has evolved to a more refined, sensitive state which in return for its unique and sophisticated color comes less elasticity and breakage. To protect your crown, stay away from overstyling and styles that require heat. If there is an occasional event where you do choose to do a press and curl or use a blowdryer, be sure to protect your hair with Manhattan Grey Vegan Moisture Pomade containing avocado oil which is best known for its protective properties and ability to withstand high temperatures.

3 - Take care of yourself

Although we’ve debunked the myth that stress is the main cause of grey hair, we still have to stay unbothered and stress free to truly be greyt! This goes without saying but taking care of yourself mentally and physically shows on your being. Whether it’s through being mindful of what you eat, your physical activity, or through what you consume mentally. What comes in always comes out in some way. Make sure that your grey hair is glowing from the inside out.

4 - Avoid harsh chemicals

The haircare market is booming which means an overwhelming amount of products are being marketed to us. From new and unique, to the all natural, to copycats that want you to believe they are all natural. Before you buy, check that label and make sure that you are not causing long term damage to your hair by using products that are only good for short term results. Not sure what to check for? Take a look at chemicals to avoid on the MG Blog! 

5 - It’s the moisture for us

Moisturizing your hair is key to maintaining your greytness. Sometimes we tend to focus on our scalp when it comes to moisture in an attempt to avoid the actual hair follicle being too slick or too shiny. But we are here to tell you that with grey hair it’s ok to go big on the shine. One of the best oils for this is Vitamin-E oil which provides shine in addition to the nutrients you need. With Manhattan Grey Vegan Hydration Oil you can get your Vitamin-E fix while achieving maximum body, vibrance, luster, and moisture without weighing your hair down.